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ceo - chief of enchantement

Gina will never forget the day she met Mary – a sweet mom who was planning her daughter’s wedding and needed a little extra help. As it turned out, that meeting was just the beginning of a beautiful new friendship and was the catalyst for the formalization of the View at 55th Place as an event venue. Gina saw the potential of this unique space, after Mary hired her company – The Wedding Ambassador, to help with her daughter’s wedding – the first to be held there. It took a year of consideration and collaboration, and at last, the View at 55th Place became an official event venue!

Gina’s 20+ years of event sales, business ownership and planning experience and Mary’s former career experience in aerospace and organizational talents, made for the ultimate partnership! Gina and Mary both say they are each other’s “ride or die” in this venture – and so it is. They are fully committed to make every event held at the View at 55th Place, better than what is expected! You’ve heard “teamwork makes the dream work” – and as corny as it sounds – that expression is a way of life at the View at 55th Place.


fof - facilitator of fun

Mary was searching for a wedding planner to help with her daughter’s 2017 wedding and hired Gina almost on the spot after their first meeting (and cancelling appointments to meet with other potential planners). Gina worked her magic and the entire day was everything her daughter wished for.

After retiring from a 34-year career in aerospace, Mary decided to come to work with Gina and learn more about event planning/creation and all of the behind the scenes activities that occur to make a special day come off flawlessly. Mary stated, ‘It’s a bit of a steep learning curve, but Gina always makes it fun. And it gives me an appreciation for the effort and ‘behind the scenes work’ that goes into orchestrating any kind of special event.’

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