- F.A.Q. -

How many people can you accommodate?

We can accommodate up to 200 people. Each venue space offers flexibility in set up.

Can we bring in our own liquor? 

 Yes, you may provide your own liquor and mixers. We do require the use of our preferred bartending service.

How do we know how much to buy?

We provide you with a quantity suggestion list, so you don’t over or under buy for your guest count.

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes, there are several within 6-8 miles and most recently a new Hilton just a short two minute drive from the venue.

Is there plenty of parking ?

Yes, we have parking or 56 cars in our lot, with additional private street parking available. Guests may leave cars overnight and pick up the next mornin by 11 am.

Are we able to provide our own vendors?

Yes, in our weekday a la carte venue rental, you may provide your own vendors. We do require a professional, licensed and insured caterer and require bussing staff to be present through the end of the event.

Are Ubers available at your location?

Yes, though during peak season you may wish to arrange for shuttle transportation for guests. Ask us if you need providers or this service and we can arrange in advance.

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